Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 21 - 30,116 words

I'm getting close to the last leg of it, and I'm certain my adrenaline will help me catch up the little bit I've fallen behind. I fell behind for a very good reason: my one of my darling best friends, Jenny, got married to an awesome guy this last weekend. Not to mention that the weekend before that we girls had a little bridal getaway. It was a fantastic wedding, very garden-y and relaxed. And now I'll have to practice calling her Mrs. Jenny Brown. That's going to take some getting used to.
The best thing for my novel so far has been the feedback and support from I've gotten from my sweet husband. He's listened to everything I've written so far (except what I've just written this afternoon, but we'll cuddle up in the hammock with my laptop for another reading session this evening) and clearly seems to be enjoying the story, knowing it's a rough draft. What more could I ask for? I see that he genuinely likes it, and I respect his opinion so much.

I plan on trying to get the manuscript printed up in pseudo-professional style to present to the boys on their birthdays. I don't think it will mean much to Ransom, except possible as a novel thing to flip through or throw across the room, but I'd like to get pictures so I can show him later.

Thanks for reading, and love to all!


  1. I'm so proud of you. Again, this is a really great piece and I can only imagine how much better it's going to be when you edit it because of how good it is now. I am priveleged to get a preview like this.

  2. LOVE the wedding pictures! The dress you chose is gorgeous, and Jenny is such a beautiful bride.

    I'm excited about your story, girlie. Can't wait to read a copy, when you're ready to share it with the Outside World. :)

    We missed you last night! Love you!!

  3. Thanks Wenders! Missed you all too. I'm excited to be getting back to "normal" life this time next week. ;)

  4. I was thinking about how I needed to start calling Jenny Mrs. Brown the other day. I'm just now getting use to calling Sonja, Mrs. Smith.

    I'm not sure what plans you have for pseudo-professional style printing but if i can help in anyway, let me know.

  5. Carrie - really? I love your work! Yay!