Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Picnic in Pictures

It's a warm, windy, slightly overcast day. There is something at once dramatic and deeply relaxing about this weather. Swaying in the hammock, if you close your eyes, feels like drifting in a sail boat, the tiny sprinkles like spray from the waves. (Pictures of the hammock we put up are coming tomorrow.) Even though our blanket blew to and fro, it was a great, sunny, blustery memory.


  1. This was such a beautiful day and I am so looking forward to seeing more. Glad you are documenting it because I know Ran will love to see this some day.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the picnic pictures :) I want to come lay in the hammock! We had to leave ours back at Aaron's mom's house, but she uses it all the time. You guys gave us that hammock - do you remember that? It's because you know how much hammocks rule!

  3. That's funny, Heather! I'm so glad it still gets use. I actually think of you guys every time I think of hammocks, because of Aaron's birthday. Funny the associations we get stuck in our heads. You are more than welcome to come use the hammock any time you're in town. It's truly addictive. :)