Thursday, April 14, 2011

Marital Games

I just heard to advice, which was given to someone by a couple who had been married for 72 years, that every couple should have an indoor game and an outdoor game that they play together on a regular basis. Tonight, I am trying to organize mini-golf for me Vu and me. He's totally up for it if we can indeed get our sitter. The indoor game? That's a little trickier. He loves checkers, I love Scrabble, but when I play checkers I get bored, frustrated, and defeated very quickly. Ditto for Vu when he plays Scrabble. I'm leaning towards Scene It, since we both love movies and they're one of the first things that brought us together. I'm excited about trying this - I think it's an amazingly brilliant yet simple way to stay close in new ways.

Thanks for reading. Much love!


  1. Sigh. No sitter and in the end no games. Gots to have games this weekend.

  2. Prepare for the bad luck to continue - cause you know I'm gonna beat you at mini golf.