Monday, April 18, 2011

The Day After Tomorrow ... Zombies

The day after tomorrow is the day I start my novel. I'm perusing the first few chapters of Baty's book just to make sure I'm ready, although the whole idea really is that you don't have to be ready and you're never going to be. I tried so hard to force one plot on myself but another kept resurfacing in my mind, refusing to let go. Dare I even say it? Zombies. Yes, totally overdone right now (and very well done in some cases - Shawn of the Dead, The Walking Dead), but that's exactly why I have to tackle it. I want to see if I could do it my way, and what my way would even be. I have some character names and a teensy bit of backstory, and Vu finished building my writing desk in the bedroom. Above it I hung a bulletin board and am posting pictures and quotations to help me stay inspired. Hopefully. I'll post pictures on my blog soon. I left my little "blogging" camera at my friend Tracy's house. Thanks for reading, love to all, and share what you love and hate about zombie stories if you're so inclined.


  1. The plot lines of zombie movies have one commonality - they're always about a group of survivors who can barely get along. In the bigger picture, it's about whether infighting individualism can withstand the crush of monolithic conformity. Good luck with the book, looking forward to it!

  2. And don't forget I Am Legend-- another good zombie movie. And I'm not even a zombie fan. ;)
    That's the thing, can take zombies in any direction {suspend food?}
    You are an amazing writer. Follow your gut, and I know the novel will be a hit. I get one of the limited-edition, signed first copies, right???

  3. Abe, I'm for individualism. People work better as a whole when each person stays entirely distinct. We'll see what wins out.

    Julie, can't wait to share it.

    Wendy, I Am Legend was good, I agree.

    You all get first dibs on my terrible novel.