Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 1

I ended up with 1,806 words today. The minimum for each day is 1,667. It didn't feel that difficult, or even like it took that long, but I'm sure I'll have my ups and downs--days when sitting down to my laptop feels next to impossible. The reason I started today instead of choosing a whole calendar month is that Ransom, my sweet, incredible, brilliant little boy will be two exactly one month from now. This novel is his birthday present. It's also Vu's present, as Vu's birthday is the day after Ransom's.

How did the writing go? It flowed today. I had so many ideas that they're all tumbling out. This is the fun part. There is something about writing fiction that brings a part of me back to life. And there is something about doing something that I had arbitrarily told myself wouldn't happen - writing a novel before I'm thirty - that feels incredible.

Much love.


  1. That's great, rah! I am so excited to read it/parts of it/anything you will let me get my hands on soon!

  2. Writing a novel for Ran's and Vu's birthday present is awesome! How do you top that next year, though? ;) I guess when you hit the NY Times Best Seller list.