Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Recovery within Recovery

The surgery (to repair my hernia and damaged muscles after the surgery from 2009) went really well. The surgeon said the damage had been pretty extensive. I feel so comfortable convalescing in our new home. Vu is an excellent nurse and my Mom and his Mom have both been a great help. I've had amazing friends and family bring food and flowers as well. Every day the pain gets a little less. The hardest part is still just when Ran reaches out to be held and I can't pick him up. He's actually adjusting extremely well, though, almost as if he understands something is different and is working with us for the most part. He's very fascinated (and a little annoyed) with the binder I'm having to wear on my belly right now.

Well, I wanted to update you on the sewing table turned kitchen island. Just a reminder of what it looked like before:Annnnndddd....After!

Thar she blows! I've gotten a lot of use out of her already. (The hooks now have dish towels hanging from them.) Firstly, it was nice to display my Valentine roses on her. But shortly afterwards our cat Staples tried to eat them.

I've got more to post, but this is it for now. We are enjoying being a family, doing Ha family things. It filled me with joy to walk into our livingroom and see this the other day:

What a patient little boy we have! He trusts his Daddy to make him look super cool.

I still struggle sometimes with the hurt and feelings of injustice over what happened, with the idea of where our family could be right now from the effects of the unkind or selfish actions of others. By the grace of God we have a home though, I have health insurance (even if it's not quite as good as the coverage we had before) and we have work. They couldn't have known all the miraculous ways we'd end up surviving, and that hurts sometimes, but really they can't do anything to us anymore. And when I think about it, even the cruel, inappropriate, or insensitive actions of others serve only to enrich our lives if we give it all to God and he gets us through it. He is so good, all the time.

Love you all and let me know what you think!

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  1. Yay for health insurance! That's awesome, Amy. I know that was a big deal. The island looks great, as well as the kitchen cabinets. "They couldn't have known all the miraculous ways we'd end up surviving..." - I think this goes for us individually, too, not just what others think. Look at what you have overcome and as hard as it was at the beginning, try to embrace it for pulling you through, making you take a different look at your life & what's important to you (& your family), and growing as a stronger person/family. Back in August (back when you first were diagnosed with cancer, etc.) you couldn't have known all the miraculous ways you would have survived/dealt with/overcome all of this, but the last few months are proof that you did it :)