Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Journal - March 30th 2011

I love having free reign over my own kitchen these days. I've been making lots of whole-wheat pasta dishes and am addicted to adding organic baby spinach to everything. You don't have to cook it at all, just toss with warm noodles and it's the perfect texture. The much-obsessed about kitchen island makes the perfect serving station.

Ran broke my favorite quirky ceramic bunny, and it's only become so much cuter and quirkier now that I've planted some rosemary in it. I do miss the head a bit, though.

Lastly, Vu has started decorating his man cave. In our bedroom I get to do all the decor, so it's only fitting he should have this. He's finally gotten to frame Indiana and put his favorite painting, along with his favorite hats on the wall. I like walking into "his" room because it makes me think of all the things I love about him.


  1. oh, i love that bottom painting, the guy is from portland and a lot of people there have his work :) and yes, spinach is AMAZING! i love sauteeing it with 'cherub' cherry tomatoes and garlic with a splash of olive oil and balsalmic vinegar and a dash of salt :)

  2. Cool! I was trying to think who the artist was and I couldn't remember the name. Vu has always been drawn to that painting and I love it as well.

    That's pretty funny, I used the 'cherub' cherry tomatoes with the spinach in the pasta pictured! You and I need to cook together sometime. I just made coconut cream cheese cupcakes I hope you'd approve of. :)