Saturday, January 22, 2011


So our house is really right across the street from Vu's parents. This is such a blessing because of all the help they give us with Ransom. Ran likes the short walk, too.

We saw True Grit last night. The Celebrate Recovery service was canceled because of the weather and we could have spent the whole evening working on the house, but we thought we should use the time to enjoy each other's company for a while. Sometimes when you're working so hard on your recovery from a life crisis, you forget to take the time to just feel normal.

The movie made me think a lot about what it means to struggle with injustice and how it should be handled. I do believe, without giving anything away hopefully, that when you seek revenge you lose a part of yourself and a part of your innocence. It's also a lack of faith in God, though I don't want to see that sometimes. If we believe God is in control, the best thing we can do is leave the people who have hurt us to their own devices, knowing that God is taking care of things. If we step in and try to take care of things by ourselves, what does that say about how we think about our God? I know I need to also pray mercy on my enemies and seek understanding, and I'm working toward it.

One of the things I regretted losing when Vu lost his work was our ability to go to the associate store, to find cheap deals. Instead of giving up and dwelling on what we no longer have, though, we found something even better. Re-store. And the money we spend there goes to Habitat for Humanity, not some corporation. We got so excited when we walked in because we found all these beautiful light fixtures at amazing prices. We wanted to replace the old fan in the living room with a big chandelier, but at Lowe's they run about $300-$500 dollars.

This we found for $50 at re-store, and the picture doesn't do it justice. I think it will totally improve the space. Lighting is such a huge part of decorating. It makes everything feel bigger and sets the mood when done well.

We had picked out a cheap kitchen faucet at Lowe's because the one in the kitchen desperately needs to be replaced. We didn't have much of a budget, though. We sprang for the $40 one. Well, my oh my, on our way out of re-store, look what Vu found:

Beautiful brushed bronze (which we are using throughout the house when we can) only twenty bucks, and a million times prettier than the one we had before--now returned, of course. We found the exact one at Lowe's the next day. $140 dollars! God is blessing us continually, in big things and small.

More finds to come, and pics of how they're lookin'!

You're welcome to comment if you're out there, with ideas or thoughts or just a hello! The encouragement is always appreciated. Love you all.


  1. Yay!!! So exciting!! Love that place :) So glad you've gotten some good finds. Can't wait to see the new place!!!

  2. Can't wait to have you over, Tracy! It's thanks to you that I know about re-store!

  3. We used to go to the Re-Store in Fayetteville quite often & we would always find good finds there, even things like grout, primer, etc. My dad got a couple of light fixtures there for his house, too. They were huge, gorgeous chandelier type ones for super cheap. Good finds, Amy :)

  4. We really want to check out the one in F-ville! We're hoping to even come across some cheap countertops we could have cut. It's so satisfying to search a little and find something really special. :)

  5. Love the stuff you got, Amers! I am being tortured by the fact that I haven't been able to see the things you've been doing in your house yet!

  6. Thursday, Julie, if you can! I am dying to show you. You're in my head when I paint and pick stuff out cause I keep thinking how much you'd like it. I talked to Wenders and we discussed meeting for a sisters' emtpy-house picnic... under the new chandlier which Vu painstakingly hanged tonight!!

  7. The house IS so much more than just a structure. This is a symbol of God's love and every improvement that we add to it is a physical symbol of the change and growth in us, which I love. And, yes, I got that heavy but beautiful chandelier up and, yay, it looks gorgeous!

  8. Proud of you for not giving up on hanging that giant, sweetie. That's something I love about you... you never give up! :)

  9. SO exciting! That's great that you are right across the street from your in-laws. I can't wait to see what you all do to make your home yours. It's going to be beautiful.
    There is a blog that I like about a couple that is renovating/decorating a home they just bought called You might find it helpful for some DIY things :)